Welcome Louise Palmberg

ArtClass welcomes Louise Palmberg as the latest addition to their roster of talented creatives. Hailing originally from Sweden and currently residing in New York, Palmberg is known for showcasing her love of food in each of her unique works. Constantly showing that her passion for food, cooking, and community transcend just personal hobbies, and flow into her professional career, Palmberg has worked with a range of clients from one-of-a-kind family-owned restaurants, to widely popular global chains.

Working with both motion and stills, her eye for detail is seen clearly throughout her credits; Palmberg never fails to bring her deep understanding of the food industry to her work. One of her more recent projects is a prime example of the level of expertise she brings and the personal touch she always adds to her spots. Bacardi, one of the top rum brands across the globe, brought on Palmberg to promote their ‘Reserva Ocho’ as a drink that is ‘rich in flavor, and worth celebrating’ in alignment with the Academy Awards. Similar to the prestigious award ceremony, the spot exudes a luxurious feel, and Palmberg makes it a point to highlight each facet of the drink. By pairing the light noise of the ice clinking the glass with the sharp zesty twist of the orange peel, the message comes through clearly. Palmberg’s unique style is on display, as audiences find themselves inclined to celebrate with Bacardi’s “rare gold rum.”