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Variety: ArtClass Announces Expansion of Post-Production Division with 20+ New Hires

Variety: ArtClass Announces Expansion of Post-Production Division with 20+ New Hires

Next-Gen production company ArtClass has announced the expansion of their post-production team, with award-winning talent in Los Angeles, Kansas City, and New York led by Corwin Carroll, as Managing Director of Post-Production, Sean Owolo, as Executive Producer, and Brian “BK” Keegan as Head of Post Production.

“Post-production is our opportunity to continue elevating great work, which is why we’re devoted to seeing projects through delivery,” noted Carroll. “We’re constantly looking for creative and collaborative individuals who look for innovative ways to elevate our clients’ works from social content all the way through full-length features. At ArtClass, we facilitate a variety of post needs with the industry’s most respected personnel.”

Carroll brings his years of experience with advertising agencies, production companies, and VFX working with clients including ESPN, Ford, Carvana, Amazon, and many others. Owolo was previously at Roger and Big Machine (Discovery Warner Bros, Netflix), and Keegan was previously from Los York, Roger, and Timber VFX (ABC, Nike, GNET).

ArtClass’ full-service post-production pipeline features editorial, design, animation, color, VFX, finishing, and sound. As part of the expansion, director Chris Eckardt from Framestore LA joins the team as Executive Creative Director. “It is amazing to be part of an organization with endless opportunities and energy,” adds Eckardt. “Teaming up with Corwin and his team, along with Rebecca Niles; I look forward to all that can be dreamt and accomplished. This new division will allow us to continue to break the mold when it comes to our collaborator’s visions in maximizing the quality we provide of storytelling in branded experiences.”

The team of Emmy-winning and multi-talented artists also includes senior editors Morgan Taylor Bradley (Nike, Sephora), Tyrone Rhabb (FitBit, Adidas), James P. M. Lee (MLB, Kohler), James Boger (Carvana, Meta), VFX supervisor/compositor/Director Joshua Guillaume (Nat Geo, Jeep), and animators/art directors Mike Healy (HBO “Betty”), Tyler Keith (Samsung, Discovery), Brandon Todd (ESPN, Taco Bell), composer/sound engineer Julian Bickford (SoundCloud, GoDaddy) and colorist Taylre Jones (Wendys, IBM).

“I’m thrilled to collaborate with Corwin and his team,” shared ArtClass Live-Action Managing Director Rebecca Niles. “This new division allows us an incredible opportunity to continue to break the mold, execute superb vision, and maximize the quality of storytelling in branded experiences.”

ArtClass is a team of award-winning directors, producers, editors, writers, and designers dedicated to creating boundary-breaking work with agencies and brands