ArtClass Post Designs “School Spirits” Opening Titles

For the new Paramount+ Original Series ‘School Spirits,’ ArtClass Post created the opening title sequence in collaboration with the show’s creators created by Megan Trinrud & Nate Trinrud.

“We took a collage approach to this project, combining practical pop-up book techniques, paper tears, and lighting effects with surreal digital compositions to set the tone for this unique new show” – ArtClass Creative Director Brandon Todd

The show is centered around Maddie (Peyton List) a teen girl stuck in the afterlife investigating her own mysterious disappearance. She goes on a crime-solving journey as she adjusts to school in the afterlife, but the closer she gets to the truth, the more secrets and lies she discovers.

Client: Paramount+
Creators: Megan Trinrud & Nate Trinrud

Post Studio: ArtClass
Managing Director: Corwin Carroll
Executive Producer: Sean Owolo
Executive Creative Director: Chris Eckardt
Head of Post: Brian Keegan
Creative Director: Brandon Todd
2D Design & Animation: Brandon Todd, Roanne Kim, Esther Kim, Eric Van Buskirk
Senior Post Producer: Jonlyn Williams

Composer: Anna Waronker
Stills Photographer: Ed Araquel
Director of Photography (101-102): Craig Dean Devine
Director of Photography (103-108): Kamal Derkaoui

(101-102) – Max Winkler
(103-104) – Oran Zegman
(105-106) – Brian Dannelly
(107-108) – Hannah Macpherson