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GoFundMe | Paul Trillo

Paul Trillo directs groundbreaking new campaign “Help Changes Everything” for GoFundMe x AKQA presenting an impressive step forward in AI-based animation. The street-mural-inspired film, illustrates the positive impact that GoFundMe donors have had on the world around them.

The innovative film production used a combination of DALL-E and Stable Diffusion for composite layers of visual assets with a hand-painted aesthetic. It is a bold first from a major brand to take a leap of faith and base their large-scale campaign on AI-generative art.

This emerging technology was combined with a live action shoot on a soundstage, where Trillo used a bespoke A.I. rotoscoping method for characters enhancing motion-based scenes to clearly shift from a negative to positive light, in order to represent the impact of donations and communities being transformed.

“When AKQA and GoFundMe first approached me, I was immediately excited by the opportunity to use cutting-edge technology in a storytelling setting. There have been a lot of independent experiments but nothing yet has used AI animation in the service of telling real-life human stories, let alone for a major brand like GoFundMe.“