Morgan & Morgan “Miss More” | Director Paul Trillo

Director Paul Trillo of next-gen production & post-production studio ArtClass has joined forces with America’s largest injury law firm Morgan & Morgan. The two powerhouses have teamed up in order to launch a brand new ad campaign that introduces the world to Miss More, a dynamic new face to be featured in the Morgan & Morgan advertising universe. Trillo brought to life the character of Miss More, with the thought that she expects more from life: more sprinkles, more wine, more cheese and even more from her personal injury law firm. In this latest campaign, Trillo puts forth a bold new creative direction for the brand, showcasing the high level of standardized service and expertise the firm delivers to its clients, while rewriting the typical advertising script that surrounds the personal accident injury world.

As a cutting edge production and post-production studio, Trillo and the ArtClass team identified how Morgan & Morgan has consistently prioritized efficiency and accessibility, allowing clients to access its resources and services from the comfort of their homes. Trillo capitalized on the firm’s aim to simplify injury law so individuals feel comfortable and cared for throughout the entire process, emphasizing how Morgan & Morgan is always investing more in the latest technology and talent for their clients. The firm not only has thousands of dedicated attorneys and staff and a state-of-the-art intake center, but through the Miss More campaign, Trillo endeavors to connect with the brand’s audience to demonstrate the firm’s innovative and reliable approach rather than focusing on factual data about their track record.

Best known for his futuristic style, Trillo’s keen interest in technology, comedy, and visual design have led to the creation of several conceptual projects including the use crafting various new techniques that fuse live action and AI visual effects, which he pairs with his sharp directorial expertise to give him a creative edge in the space. Trillo commented on his creative approach and excitement about partnering with the firm, “The creative brief totally caught me off guard as law firm ads have a tendency to be a certain way. Morgan & Morgan have a history of this type of irreverent marketing and it was refreshing from a stylistic approach as they really pushed me to approach each scene from a unique and dynamic perspective. We had a blast developing the Miss More character, her history, the way she dresses, her decor and her craving for getting a little bit more out of life.”

Director: Paul Trillo
Managing Partner: Geno Imbriale
Managing Director, EP: Rebecca Niles
Managing Director, Post: Corwin Carroll
Executive Producer: Eric McCasline
Head of Production: Sparkle Jones
Head of Post Production: Brian Keegan
Production Manager: Kat Garelli
Production & Post Studio: ArtClass

DP: Bryant Jansen
Line Producer: John Gilliland
1st AD: Kevin Brady

Client: Morgan & Morgan

Editor: James Boger
Post Producer Offline: Savannah Cannistraro
Post Producer Online: Kyle Woodiel
Colorist: Jenny Montgomery (Company3)
Sound Engineer: TJ Dumser
Assistant Editor: Jon Salvia, Chris Salters
Flame Artist: Eric Pascua
VO Talent: Alan Sklar