ESPN Furiosa | Directed by Vincent Peone and Van Alpert

Vincent PeoneĀ and Van Alpert direct a new campaign spot for Furiosa Movie. Starring Damian Lillard.

Client: Hearts & Sciences
Agency: ESPN CW
Director: Vincent Peono and Van Alpert

Prod Co: ArtClass
MP: Geno Imbriale
MD: Kirsten Arongino
HoP: Sparkle Jones
EP: Logan Gilmore
Producer: Olivia Possino
LP: Terry Gallagher
Talent: Damian Lillard

DP: Federico Tamburini
1st AC: Hunter Brown
2nd AC: Trever Siegman
Gaffer: Tim Spellman
Key Grip: Scott Quimby

Creative Director: Chris Eckardt
EP Post: Brian Keegan
Post Producer: Kanika Oung
Editor: James Lee
Color: Alter Ego
VFX Supervisor: Kevin Pierce

Stylist: Shanna Stackle
Hair/Makeup: Maggie Kerr