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Director Bob Partington featured on “Why We Create” Podcast

For Ep 11 of the Wacom podcast ‘Why We Create’ we had the honor of speaking with artist, inventor, director, fabricator, Rube Goldberg aficionado and who we claim may be the most trusting person on the planet, the talented and brilliant, Bob Partington.

If you’ve been on this world a while and remember the glory days of MTV and music videos, you’ve probably seen Bob’s handy work. Or possibly you saw him on his tv show ‘ThingamaBob’ which aired on the History Channel. Or if you’re one of those people that love a good commercial or ad spot and find yourself lured into the television by the spectacular display of what seems to be the worlds largest treadmill, well… then you’ve almost definitely seen Bob’s work.

After starting on a path as an engineer in Canada, Bob ended up in New York with a Masters in Fine Arts from NYU. He worked in stop-motion at MTV’s Celebrity Death Match where relationships with artists and musicians set him in the direction of music and experimental video. Things came full circle in 2014 when Bob took home a Moonman for OKGO’s ’The Writing’s On the Wall’.

His unique way of thinking landed him a world record and a Webby for ‘The World’s Slowest Rube Goldberg’ and is behind inspired projects for Stella Artois, Apple, Samsung, Ford and Volvo for which he won three Cannes Lions. He has also helmed events for Xbox, Wendy’s, IBM and IKEA.