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ArtClass Signs Senior Editor Tyrone Rhabb

SHOTS: ArtClass adds senior editor Tyrone Rhabb

Next-Gen production and post-production company ArtClass continues to grow their impressive roster of talented creatives with film editor Tyrone Rhabb as their most recent addition to the team. At ArtClass, Rhabb will take on the role of Senior Editor.

Rhabb’s previous work includes strengthening a wide range of commercials, branded content, music videos, and documentaries. He has collaborated with iconic clients such as Adidas, Nike, Facebook, Conde Nast and Adobe. A New York based creative, Rhabb strives to grow and create at a high level, keeping emotion at the forefront of his craft.

“Tyrone is such a joy to work with and has tackled some of our most difficult projects with ease and positivity under pressure,” adds Corwin Carroll, Managing Director of Post-Production. “His creative editing skills are always on full display with his work. He is such an incredible talent and valuable asset to our growing post-production team in New York.”

Some of Rhabb’s most well known commercial projects include Fitbit’s Feel Your Power, Nike’s Progress Starts Here, Soundcloud’s The Day Ones, and McDonalds x Complex’s Project Connect. Rhabb also recently edited ESPN x American Family Insurance’s “The Captain” featuring Derek Jeter and the 2022 Super Bowl LVI Commercial featuring Will Smith, Bel-Air.

“I’m a true believer in what the team at ArtClass has been able to build in such a short period of time. Their success in the industry not only stems from their versatility of talent but from leadership’s ability to foster a culture of artistic freedom and creative collaboration,” notes Rhabb. “After being freelance for a few years I felt it was time to take the next step in my career and partner with a company that would support my hunger to grow and flourish as a creative. In our evolving industry, ArtClass’ bold approach to content creation continues to adapt and break through the noise. I’m very excited to be a part of this passionate team of creators and contribute to their trajectory.”

Rhabb continues to show his passion for editing through his work and his stylistic choices. He is thrilled to continue his work with ArtClass and work with other talented editors.