Matvey-Fiks-ArtClass Welcomes Director Matvey Fiks

Next-Gen production and post-production studio, ArtClass is expanding its impressive roster with the addition of New York director Matvey Fiks.

On the heels of wrapping his highly anticipated documentary feature film, What A Strong Wind, Fiks is looking forward to bringing future projects to the limelight with the support of the ArtClass team. Consistently pushing the limits of narrative creativity, Fiks previously brought his directorial expertise to the film Sky Breaking Clouds Falling, an intimate film-essay that touches on the nightlife of New York City amidst the global pandemic, captured perfectly by Fiks’ inventive lens angles and the unique vantage point of a backseat window. Brought to life by the iconic music of folk guitarist Mason Lindah and the instinctual creative decisions made by Fiks, the film earned an award through the Young Director Awards. On top of his contribution to Sky Breaking Clouds Falling, Fiks also boasts credits including the short film Douggy, which received multiple nominations at different film festivals including the Golden Pardino – Leopards of Tomorrow at the Locarno International Film Festival; the Audience Award at the Moscow International Film Festival; and the Narrative Shorts Program at the New York Film Festival.

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Matvey over the past few years in all kinds of capacities – we’ve traveled the world creating bespoke work for a variety of clients” adds ArtClass Managing Director, Rebecca Niles. “Simply put, he is one of the special ones. From the moment we met, I knew we were incredibly creatively aligned, and our track record has proven as such. His craft, attention to detail and conceptual style of directing is second to none, and the ArtClass family welcomes him with open arms, we couldn’t be happier.”

Fiks’ work is acclaimed across the music video and commercial space directing memorable campaigns for world renowned brands including Gucci, Versace, Louis Vuitton, Genesis, Zara, and Instagram. He showcased his unique talent with Odds and Ends, a short film that highlighted the work done by street photographer Daniel Arnold. Fiks crafted the piece for Vogue, and through his artistic and authentic storytelling of Arnold’s work, earned The Webby People’s Voice Award. Fiks’ work and resume speak for themselves, with each of his projects unveiling a new level of his artistry and creative talent.

“ArtClass has been my home for some time already through different off-roster projects and I can’t be more excited to finally make it official,” noted Fiks. “The team has been a genuine supportive force of my creative vision especially with the upcoming release of my film projects.”

The passion and vision Fiks has for the stories he tells is evident throughout his work. Both Fiks and the entirety of the ArtClass team are thrilled to see the projects they produce in partnership with one another. Fiks’ work thus far is perfectly aligned with ArtClass’ creative vision, and with this new era of collaboration with the rest of the team, he looks forward to bringing his stories to new heights.