Lacey Uhlemeyer


Born and raised in Missouri, Lacey Uhlemeyer took a less conventional path into filmmaking. She made her way to Los Angeles by way of USC’s Marshall School of Business. Lacey was a former international journalist and producer before moving into directing and brings that lens of empathy into all of her work. With a focus on impact-driven content, she uses an emotive approach to projects combining poetic narratives with beautiful imagery. Pursuing storytelling across the world, she has filmed projects in over 18 countries.

Lacey has worked alongside major brands to tell their brand stories in a way that highlights humanity-focused storytelling, from NIKE’s International Women’s Day spot to Amazon’s Brand Truth’s campaign. Other clients include HP, Bristol Myers Squibb and National Parks Service.

In 2020 Lacey was one of 35 filmmakers honored by SHOOT Magazine in their prestigious New Directors Showcase.