Rico Nasty



Matthew James Thompson (MJT) is a celebrated photographer and filmmaker. His self-taught journey started in skateboarding and evolved into a career with genre-spanning range and a distinct flair that mirrors his varied passions. Matthew is in his element when navigating uncharted creative territories.

His award-winning commercial ventures are a testament to his refusal to conform. With Squarespace he implemented a graphical and quick-cut approach that kicked off a visual language now synonymous with the brand. His cinematic and mysterious film about Derek Delgaudio for Future of Storytelling was the most watched on the platform and was staff-picked. His use of multimedia and various film formats helped Noah Clothing’s campaign become a celebrated homage to summer, and that same year with BMW he created an irreverent comedic film praised by none other than Neil Patrick Harris. His heartfelt and nostalgic work for Field Notes and Ring delivered with an emotional punch, the former earned accolades at IAC, Addy’s, Hatch, and secured a spot in the coveted Lurzer’s Archive. Not to mention his work for Bose, Nike, Google, Jeep, Dunkin Donuts, Infiniti, and Oreo. 

He’s truly a student of the craft who relishes any opportunity to learn. He’s innately curious, has a penchant for collaboration, and real knack for narrative construction. Oh and he’s currently in development on multiple feature film projects.