Rico Nasty



Danielle Calodney is a director known for poppy, joyful comedy commercials that feature food, families, and lovable lead characters.

Growing up in the pleasant suburbs of North Texas, she could only take inspiration from what she had access to: Nickelodeon TV shows, Kurt Vonnegut books, and her beautifully chaotic and gigantic combined family. Because of these influences, she always finds beauty in the absurd.

Danielle’s improv comedy background has recently caught up with her and she’s been world building idiosyncratic, energetic, funny spots for brands like Snickers, Hostess, and Jack in the Box.

Her character-driven work takes shape within two genres: Relatable comedy and captivating anthem films. She has a deep appreciation for the ups and downs of life and has a knack for bringing hope to even the most serious moments.

After 10 years on the mean streets of Brooklyn, she now lays her hat in Austin, TX.