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Cody Stokes

Cody Stokes

Cody is an award-winning filmmaker and commercial director.

The narrative style of his commercial work integrates grounded performances, subtle comedy, and an elevated technical approach. He’s worked with brands including BMW, Toyota, GMC, Yahoo!, AT&T, AMEX, FEDEX, Nike SB, Jack In The Box, and ESPN, and other acronyms.

A husband, father, and a skillful collaborator, Cody is in his element surrounded by creatives, crews, and clients working to bring great ideas to life.

Cody first got into filmmaking because he wanted to be a stuntman. At the age of 18, he was offered an opportunity to join a stunt crew on a western. The catch? He had to grow a beard in one week. Despite his best efforts, it didn’t happen and Cody became a director instead.

Today, Cody has a full beard and still does his own stunts.