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Adam Azimov and Ellen Wong are known for their kinetic style and heart-on-the-sleeve storytelling. Since bonding over their mutual love of reckless adventure over a decade ago, they have developed into a co-directing duo with visually striking work that ranges from emotionally evocative to gleeful.

The daughter of Chinese-Cambodian refugees, Ellen grew up with dreams of being an actor. Against all odds, she burst onto the scene as Knives Chau in the cult classic Scott Pilgrim Vs The World. Honing her skills under the direction of Edgar Wright, she’s gone on to further success in film and TV, including multiple SAG Award nominations for her work on Netflix’s GLOW. Ellen’s experience as an actor birthed a love for directing that she’s been exploring through the years. Her perfect comedic timing, shorthand with actors, and experience in front of the camera provide her with a rare ability when it comes to directing talent.

Adam grew up with a steady diet of Beat Generation literature and dreams of hitchhiking the world. He managed to thumb it across Europe and North America, landing in the Yukon with the revelation that the best way to capture the beauty he’d witnessed was through film. Adam kicked off his career as an editor before transitioning to directing, creating award-winning shorts and music videos. His time in post provides him with an invaluable eye for the technical side of production, focusing on a strong cinematic approach and innovative visual style.

The award-winning duo’s work has been celebrated on top advertising shortlists and received honors at international film festivals. As creative problem solvers, they use their original perspective to elevate concepts and take brands to exciting new places. This has led to campaigns for Adidas, Lexus, McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, eBay, and Lincoln. Adam x Ellen’s ability to direct top talent has also sparked work with some of the biggest stars in entertainment and sports.
Adam + Ellen share similar tastes as well as a kindred worldview. Their like-minded perspective helps them create compelling stories that capture human nature in all its drama and irony. They embark on every project with unparalleled passion, drawn to emotionally truthful ideas explored in original ways. With their varied backgrounds and talents, they bring a unique point of view… And with every project, they invite agencies and brands to run away with them in the creative process.